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Get all the help you need with an experienced and specialized Works Council consultant.


The Works Council is a typical Dutch invention like the “bitterbal” or the “kroket”. It has two sides, it can be delicious but one can get seriously burned as well.  Let’s take a simple example. The Dutch branch of a foreign multinational, with an international  workforce. Nobody has much experience with works councils and that includes the general manager.

In an informal type of organisation the procedures as lined out in the works council act seem to be out of place. That is not the way how decisions are usually taken. It seems to be too formal. In a formal hierarchical type of organisation the Works council is out of place because the general manager does not intend to involve the Works council in any decision at all. But as long as there are no major events that is also manageable.

The problems arises when something serious happens.  Management wants to change the terms of employment. The parent company is merged with another company and that involves merging the two Dutch offices. HQ decides to move F&A to Budapest. HQ does not allow a lot of time and local management wants to keep up with that pace. In the mean time your colleagues are looking at you for help. 

Then it is time to get some assistance. The Workscouncils act gives the Works council the possibility to hire a consultant. The employer cannot prevent that. He can refuse to pay the consultants fee, but in the end that seldom happens. If it gets serious do not hesitate to do so and hire a consultant. After all you are a volunteer in a small volunteer organisation fighting a international army of professionals. 

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